Space Structure: Dynamic & Stable Structure in Construction Industry

Space Structure:

An open three-dimensional rigid structural framework constructed from interlocking struts in a specified geometric pattern & intend to behave as an integral unit to withstand heavy loads applied at any point by distributing its weight evenly in all directions. Space structures are generally used to span/cover large areas with few interior supports.  Some of the unique features of Space Structures have:

  • Excellent Spanning Capability
  • Extension with additional unit
  • Light weight structures/sheds
  • High aesthetics

Many interesting projects have been designed and constructed by Hindustan Alcox Limited all over the world using a variety of configurations. Space structures are generally designed using rigid matrix. Stiffness, as one of its features make space frames independent of Angular factors. By case study and many illustrations to examine steel space frames & their structural engineering performance, our well-qualified, trained and experienced team offers optimum  space structure  with highest precision.

Technical Aspects of Dynamic & Dimensionally Stable Space Structure:

A combination of vertices and lines determine the geometry of any structural  form. For the geometry of dynamic space structures it is important that the structure is able to remains standing in different configurations. The essence to achieve this lies in being dimensionally stable. A structure is dimensionally stable if it does not change its configuration as a result of external forces.

  • Constructional Stability: The basic property of a space structure is to be dimensionally stable. Construction stability of a space structure implies that it will not be able to move in an uncontrolled way. This aspect cannot be calculated, but can be analyzed using various techniques & methods.
  • Technical Feasibility: The space structure designs have to be technical feasible. This means that it would only result in a more valuable structure when realized physically proving that the design of a project functions same as it is designed to.
  • Construction Calculations: The construction calculation is one of the important technical aspects since calculations can provide even more detailed information, such as the deformation of the structure and the forces in the nodes. In case that the space structure will have to take higher loads, the structural elements get over dimensioned and as a result constructional calculations plays crucial role in analyzing the overall load distribution of space frame structure.

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