Space Frame: Building Technology in Construction Industry

Structural Systems:

The system is said to be structural system if subjected to a certain load and determine the internal forces (axial, shear, flexural, tensional, or stresses), deflections, and verify that no unstable failure can occur.

Types of Structural Systems:

  • Load-Bearing Structures: are the structural systems where the load is transferred to the ground through masonry walls, constructed with help of brick, concrete bricks etc. These walls are always loaded with the dead and live load from the floors above it.
  • Framed Structures / Space Frame Structures: In contrast with load bearing structures, the construction trend today is of framed structures, due to lighter but stronger material used, which support floor slabs and have very thin and light internal & external walls. In these space frame structures, the load is transferred to ground through frame of columns, beams and slabs.

A Space frame is a truss-like, lightweight rigid structure that can be used to span large areas with few interior supports. Like a truss, a space frame is strong because of inherent rigidity of triangle where flexing load are transmitted as compression and tension load along the length of each strut.Many interesting Space frame projects have been designed and constructed by Hindustan Alcox limited all over the world using a variety of configurations.

Space frame Manufacturer in india

Key Points for Space frame Structures

  • They are an elegant and economical means of covering large column- free spaces for a variety of applications, including sports structures, auditoriums, aircrafthangars and assembly halls.
  • Space frames are beneficial as compared to other conventional structures by their lightweight, stiffness, mass production & versatility.
  • As leading space frame manufacturers in India, Hindustan Alcox Limited offers the architects, unrestricted freedom in locating supports and planning the subdivision of the covered space.
  • Space frame truss can be used for a platform or overhead structure that spans large distance without any need for internal load bearing support.
  • Space frame construction saves time, because they use factory-produced components that can be manufactured by fast production techniques, transported to the site and easily erected.
  • Services like air conditioning,lightening can be additionally integrated with space frames & they can be installed on the ground itself and as a result, obviating the hazards of working at heights.
  • The design / manufacture / installation process can be accomplished with in a very short interval of time due to the use of pre-fabricated components.

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