Introduction to Specialized Steel Structures

Specialized steel structure is one of the well engineered structures, made from organized combination of structural steel members designed to carry loads and provide adequate rigidity. In space frame companies, customization of these structures is generally done to match the functional and aesthetic requirement of the complete building system.

Hindustan Alcox Limited, specializes in manufacturing specialized steel structures in which structural and cladding components with applicable accessories are engineered to facilitate production in various combinations.

Why Use Specialized Steel Structure?

Reason behind the emergence of specialized steel structures is the persistence of some outstanding and demanding features, which other conventional buildings cannot fulfill. Below mentioned dominating points of Specialized steel structures are the major reasons to prefer specialized steel structures over other conventional structures.

  • High Strength : The structural steel used in these space frame structures has high strength to weight ratio, which make the steel structures superior among all other conventional structures when subjected to a force.
  • Seismic Endurance : After performing endurance time analysis (ETA) for seismic assessment under various excitation levels, the specialized steel structures are proved to have high seismic endurance.
  • High Versatility : Freedom of geometry in specialized steel structures not only exhibits high level of customization in the designing phase but also shows high versatility in the erection phase.
  • Easy & Fast Erection : As compared to other conventional structures, the erection of steel structures is too much easier and faster, due to high precision structural components made in fabrication phase.
  • Highly Aesthetic : According to today‚Äôs ongoing trend, the need is not only limited to inner structural strength & versatility but also the scope of looking aesthetic at its best is required, which is completely fulfilled by our specialized steel structures.
  • Invulnerable to Corrosion : According to building codes and industry standards steel structures should be designed to tolerate corrosion or be protected against corrosion where corrosion may impair strength or serviceability. This corrosion resistance property persists in these large span steel structures with long term durability.


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