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The growing demand for aesthetically designed structures that also offer the advantage of efficient utilization of space, has led to the popularity of space frame structure. These three dimensional units enable the construction of vast spaces without any columns, by providing the required support system for the structure. We at Hindustan Alcox are amongst the leading space frame manufacturer in India catering to diverse industrial needs


A space frame structure is a three dimensional structure fabricated from steel. Despite their light weight, these structures are designed to carry a much heavier load and have a huge spanning capacity. They can be arranged in a flat or curved shape that enhances the design flexibility of a structure in a significant manner besides ensuring appropriate load transfer. However, the most important reason for space frame structure and dome structure growing popularity within the modern construction industry is their ability to enhance the effective utilization of space by providing freedom of movement through column free construction. At Hindustan Alcox Limited, we make every effort in helping clients take advantage of the various features of these innovative structures, which has helped us earn the status of one of the most reliable stainless steel space frame companies In India.


We are leading space frame structure, dome structure and geodesic dome manufacturers including their components with supports in India and overseas. We, Hindustan Alcox Limited, pay special attention towards adhering to the highest standards of quality. We offer complete solutions right from the design to the erection phase to ensure creation of structures that are not only compatible with client needs but also offer the assurance of long life and great functionality. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is capable of handling the various aspects of design and fabrication with special focus making the products aesthetically appealing and eco-friendly. We are one of the few bolt structure manufacturers in India, capable of satisfying the demand for unusual requirements of shape and even size based on the use of three dimensional space frame units.

Sectors We Serve

Use of steel frame structures in no longer limited creation of vast column free spaces by a dome manufacturer in India. Rather, our products have been used in several industries and sectors for the construction of both simple and complex structures. These extremely robust, structurally sound, economical and versatile construction units are fit for providing the perfect building solutions for the most basic as well as structurally challenging projects. That is why our high quality space frames have found use in the following sectors.

  • Commercial and industrial structures
  • Auditoriums
  • Sky lights
  • Canopies
  • Toll booths
  • Exhibition halls
  • Sports stadiums


  • In this type of structure, the roofing quality is always exceptionally good as the deflections are almost negligible.
  • Its 3D behavior ensures optimum utilization of materials leading to huge savings in steel consumption
  • Complete quality control is assured as the system is completely pre-fabricated under factory conditions.
  • Minimal erection time since the components & members are prefabricated at the factory and only need to be assembled on site.
  • Stacking, transportation & storage of the system (components etc.) are very convenient & economical.
  • Total weight of steel members for large spans considerably lesser.
  • Catwalks, ducts & other services can be accommodated within the top & bottom chords of the space truss.
  • Considerable advantages for erection in remote areas.The multi-directional structural behavior permits unusual design freedom never experienced before, by allowing random location of supports & very large overhangs.

It's very convenient to fix any kind of cladding on the top by bolting down into the threaded hole provided at the top of each nodal joint. Presents an extremely pleasing geometric design and flexibility to fix the light fixtures and ceiling systems.

Domes Structure

Alcox doesn't create products, it engineers satisfaction. Each and every project is treated as an opportunity and every achievement as a platform to set new goals. Our passion for excellence has helped us to become a global leader in the area of space frame and large span steel structure fabricators, manufacturers, designing and installation.We are leading dome structure manufacturers including dome buildings and geodesic dome in India and overseas from the last 28 years. Structures are delivered after passing international standards and parameters from designing to installation with technical support.

We are leading as space frames solution providers at top among space frame manufacturing companies in India because of quality and reliability works. The competition's best space frame demonstrated remarkable structural integrity and creative design. Architectural brilliance is redefined by the best space frame available on the market, which is renowned for its durability and versatility. The largest space frame ever built dwarfs its forerunners and pushes the limits of technical success. This world's largest space frame awes viewers with its sheer size, enormous width, and sophisticated design. The space frame made of stainless steel is perfect for severe environments because of its unmatched strength and resistance to corrosion. Large-scale construction projects can rely on the stainless structure steel space frame, which combines the strength of stainless steel with the adaptability of structural engineering.


Architectural Structures: To create expansive, open spaces in buildings like atriums, airports, stadiums, exposition halls, and retail centers, space frames are frequently employed in architectural designs. Their geometric versatility allows for creative and visually arresting designs, while their lightweight structure for large, column-free interiors.

Industrial structures:Warehouses, factories, and distribution centers are examples of structures that use space frames. Because of their excellent strength-to-weight ratio and modular design, they can span wide spaces without the need for internal supports, boosting the amount of space that may be used for production or storage.

Roofing Systems:Space frames are frequently used in roofing systems for both residential and commercial structures. Large areas may be effectively covered by them thanks to their long-range spanning capabilities and lightweight design, which also lessens the overall pressure on the building's base and supports.

Agricultural Facilities:Space frames are frequently used for the roofing structures of agricultural buildings, including greenhouses, animal shelters, and storage barns. Ample natural light transmission from space frames promotes ideal growing circumstances, and their sturdy design makes them resistant to adverse weather and environmental stressors.

Infrastructure Projects:Bridges, pedestrian walkways, and transportation terminals are just a few of the infrastructure projects that use space frames.

Sports Facilities:To produce large roofs or canopies that cover sitting areas for spectators, space frame buildings are frequently used in stadiums, arenas, and sports complexes. In addition to providing weather protection, these structures' open designs improve airflow and give the space a feeling of openness.

Exhibition & Event Spaces:Because of its genuine appeal, ease of assembly, and versatility, space frames are a common choice for temporary structures used for exhibitions, trade shows, concerts, and other events. These structures are easily assembled and disassembled, enabling variable space utilization and customisation to meet the demands of a particular event.

Applications in the Military and Aerospace:Hangars, airplane shelters, satellite antenna, and launch pad structures are among the structures made of space frames in these fields.

Future Usage

Innovative Materials:In order to improve the functionality and sustainability of space frames, researchers are looking into innovative materials, such as nanomaterials and advanced composites. These materials have better durability, greater strength-to-weight ratios, and resistance to environmental influences.

Additive Manufacturing:By enabling complex geometries and customization while cutting down on material waste, 3D printing technology has the ability to completely transform the production of space frame components. Space frames can now be built on-site in isolated or difficult-to-reach places thanks to additive manufacturing.

Integration with Smart Technologies:By combining sensors and actuators, space frames can be made into intelligent buildings that can check their own health, respond to changes in their surroundings, and even fix small amounts of damage on their own.

Sustainable Design:Future space frames will probably give priority to eco-friendly design concepts as sustainability gains traction in the building sector. This entails making the best use of the materials available, using less energy both during production and operation, and using technology for producing renewable energy.

Structures that are adaptable and Responsive:Developments in robotics and automation could pave the way for the creation of adaptable space frames that can dynamically modify their configuration in response to shifting demands from users, shifting environmental factors, or outside stimuli.

Integration with Space Exploration:Building habitats on other celestial bodies and conducting space exploration depend heavily on space frames. In order to support long-term human habitation beyond Earth, future advancements might concentrate on creating lightweight, deployable space frames for use in space habitats.

Digital Design & Fabrication:Engineers can optimize space frame designs for cost, sustainability, and performance with the use of sophisticated modeling and simulation tools. When combined with digital fabrication methods like robotic assembly and generative design algorithms, this strategy makes space frame structural customization and quick prototyping possible.

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The integrated terminal buildings are designed with number of structural innovations. The key feature of airport structure is their long span roof covering with massive column spacing. The mega columns and large cantilevers make the structure unique. By using modular space structure supported by cantilevered columns makes the roof aesthetically good with doubly curved.

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Pre-Engineered Buildings

It offers a futuristic solution for creating durable and efficient structures in cost effective manner. Apart from great flexibility of designing and minimal construction time offered by PEB’s, they are also preferred for their robustness and durability. Moreover, it is possible to add a wide range of structural and non structural components, which enhances their aesthetic appeal and also improve their usability.

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Space Frames

Space frame is a three dimensional structure. The 3D behavior ensures optimum utilization of material. The quality of roofing is exceptional good as the deflections are almost negligible. Despite their light weight, these structures are designed to carry much heavier load and have a huge spanning capacity. Erection time is minimal as the material is pre fabricated from the factory.

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Multi-Storey Buildings

Steel frames construction is a very popular structural form for multi storey buildings as it provides great flexibility. The structure has adequate strength and stiffness to resist the applied loads due to gravity and wind. The function of the structure in resisting vertical loads due to gravity and horizontal loads due to wind is generally considers separately.

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Solar Energy

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Bulk Storage Sheds

Bulk storage sheds are large span structure to accommodate tons of coals for continuous supply to the boilers.The structures are designed with modular space frame to make it cost effective compared to other conventional structures. Catwalks, ducts and other services can be accommodated within the top and bottom chord.

Limestone Gypsum Additive Iron Ore Coal

Membrane Structures

Textile supported by steel combines the high flexibility of use of this one, from reticular arches to infinite space geometries, with a singular covering applied only with optimum conditions in order to avoid abrasion and corrosion due to contact with main bearing structure. The all season use is guaranteed by a singular system of side opening in order to obtain maximum ventilation in hot season.

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Self Supporting Roofs

Self supporting roofing system makes it possible to erect a warehouse in one span without trusses, purlins and rafters. The systems are mechanically sealed which ensures better weather proofing and a hygienic and clean environment. The absence of holes, nuts, bolts, overlaps or sealants, these structures require minimal to zero maintenance making them highly cost efficient.

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