Space Frame and It’s Importance

A space frame is a truss-like three-dimensional rigid structural framework constructed from interlocking struts in a specified geometric pattern and intend to behave as an integral unit to withstand heavy loads applied at any point. Space frames are generally used to span/cover large areas with few interior supports. Some of the Features Space Structure are:

  • Capability to Span wide areas.
  • Extension Capability with additional unit
  • Easy Climbing over the roof
  • Light-weight and strong sheds
  • Highly aesthetical view

Space Frame

Importance of Steel Space Frames:

  • Cost Effectiveness:One of the greatest advantages of using space frames is that it is comparatively cost effective.
  • Installation Accuracy: Another essential feature of using Space frames is that there is a high degree of accuracy in the process of designing and installation of  space frames.
  • Flexible Design Structure:It is one of the most flexible and sturdy construction materials used for constructing commercial buildings and residential properties.
  • Eco-Friendly:These structures are 100 % recyclable. Therefore it is known to be eco-friendly.

Over the past several decades, ‘Hindustan Alcox Limited’ is serving as leading space frame and space frame components manufacturer in India pay special attention towards adhering to the highest standards of quality. We propound and offer complete solutions right from the design to the erection phase to ensure creation of structures that are not only compatible with client needs but also offer the assurance of long-lasting  life and tremendous functionality.

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