Merits of Pre-Engineering Buildings Over Conventional Buildings


The low rise buildings manufactured in a way that its structural parts like columns, purlins, roof truss etc are manufactured prior to its arrival and installation on manufacturing site, are Pre-Engineering Buildings. As the name says itself, Pre Engineering building means steel building system, which is predesigned and prefabricated.

Pre Engineering Building is becoming an emerging trend nowadays. We, Hindustan Alcox Limited take pride in being one of the best PEB company in India by offering world-class PEB in the  field of Industrial shed Manufacturers. The company not only served as Pre Engineered Building Manufacturer, but also presents the simplest, most cost-effective and eco-friendly path to construct them. The following points will justify why high precision PEBs are said to be ‘bonus buildings’ over other conventional buildings:

Pre Engineered Building

Pre Engineering Building Conventional Building
Efficiency PEBs are efficient, quick and simple in design, because PEB components are designed on specialized computer aided programs and then manufactured by engineering team with high precision. Conventional buildings are less efficient, since their components are designed individually with no assurance to integrate into one building.
Due to pre-designing and prefabrication techniques involved in its Manufacturing, the time of delivery is less. Whereas absence of prefabrication techniques in manufacturing of conventional buildings extends the time of delivery.
Installation Simplicity PEBs are very simple to install due to exact fitting & accuracy of components manufactured during pre fabrication process. However, manufacturing conventional building are a bit cumbersome task & presents different experience every time.
Manufacturing Cost The streamlined procedure involved in PEB designing and prefabrication, makes their cost of manufacturing less. But the absence of any strict preplanned procedure makes cost of manufacturing of conventional building greater.
Future Development In future, If you want to expand your building, then such expansion can be done easily in PEB buildings. But future expansion of a conventional building is cumbersome and time taking too.
Seismic Soundness Light weight and versatile PEBs provides very high resistance to any seismic activity. Conventional buildings are generally not opted in the seismic prone regions, due to their rigid and heavy nature.

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