Multi Storey Buildings: Classification and Benefits

A Multi-storey building is a three-dimensional or  light weight steel building that has multiple number of storeys, containing vertical circulation by means of lift and stairs. Depending upon the preliminary analysis and verification, approaches with a wide range have been used for these buildings of various heights.  Multi Storey Building is generally designed for purpose to serve as a hospital, commercial mall or apartment.

light weight steel building

Being an Ideal solution for commercial building, the construction speed of multi storey building is faster than other conventional buildings due to usage of high level of material pre-fabrication, designing accuracy, best quality checks and riskless construction.

Classifications of Multi Storey Steel Buildings:

Depending on the height, need and various other factors, multi storey buildings are classified into following.

  1. Low Rise building: A low rise multi storey building has few storeys (typically less than four), with the usage of elevators and stairs for vertical circulation.
  2. Mid Rise building: A Mid Rise building has number of storeys ranging from 4 to 12.
  3. High Rise building: A High Rise building has number of storeys ranging from 12 to 40, with usage of lifts and stairs.
  4. Skyscraper building: A tall and habitable steel building having storeys more than 40 but height less than 300m is considered as Sky Scrapper Multi storey building.
  5. Super tall building: Super tall building is the steel building with its height exceeding 300m are Super tall Multi storey building.
  6. Mega tall building: Super tall building is the steel building with its height exceeding 600m are Super tall Multi storey building.

Benefits of Multi Storey Buildings

  • Cost effective: When the building is under construction, the expenditure to the labor and equipments being used is lesser than that for other conventional buildings.
  • Light in weight: By the use of light weight Slabs and steel, floors of Multi storey steel Building are very light in weight, make these buildings impressive and keep them overall lighter in weight than other conventional buildings.
  • Designing freedom: One of the crucial features of multi storey building is its freedom of geometry, which make them more creative than other conventional buildings.
  • Well Mechanized construction: Since steel is not only a construction material but also delivers technical prowess, the steel components used in the installation of multi storey buildings are made with well mechanized practice and high precision software to achieve accuracy in construction.
  • Access to fire Safety: These buildings are designed and constructed to ensure that adequate fire safety provisions are incorporated to avoid threat to lives.
  • Natural light and ventilation: Exposure to Natural light and adequate ventilation enhances productivity. Multi storey building provides a good scope to natural light and Ventilation.
  • Sturdy Structure: Multi storey PEB building are engineered to cater a sturdy structure that even exhibit an excellent earthquake resistant behaviour.

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