Importance of Convention Center & Exhibition Hall

Convention Centre and Exhibition Hall

A building designed to hold a convention, where individuals and/or groups gather to promote and share views on some common interests, is convention centre. Convention centres are used for holding conferences and exhibitions. And exhibition hall isthe large area hall to display pictures, sculptures, or other objects of interest that people notice or admire.

The Convention & Exhibition Industry has grown with the economic expansion and urban development. The convention centre & Exhibition hall set a new bar for high performance space frame building with lighting fixtures to provide the variety of lighting levels. Exhibition Hall uses both direct and indirect natural light to create an elegant circulation corridor providing an iconic, unconventional and accessible space to the visitors.

Space frame technology in Convention Centre & Exhibition Hall

convention centre

The components of space frame are usually produced with high dimensional accuracy, high quality of surface finish and easily transportable too. The space frame technology in Convention Centre & Exhibition hall not only offers large span roofing with minimum supports, aesthetic of the joints but also gives the opportunity to have large choice of geometries.

Space frame technology also assists these structures with its resistance to damage from fire, explosion or seismic activity. Moreover, wider use of some unique software enable space frame structures to be analysed more accurately & increases confidence of using space frame technology in convention centres and exhibition hall for larger span structures.

Hindustan Alcox Limited, one of the leading space frame manufacturers in India – provides a great opportunity to assess convention centres & exhibition halls build with out-performing space frame technology.

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