Tensile Membrane Structures vs Conventional Structures

Tensile Membrane Structures

The free form structures which have the ability to enclose a large space with limited supporting steel work compared to conventional roofing structures are tensile membrane structures. A tensile structure not only spans a long distance with the usage of minimum material but also gives designers, architects and engineers the ability to experiment with its shape and create appealing structures. Followings are the keys point to clarify the advantages of tensile structures over conventional structures:-

  • Durability: By virtue of the protective coatings on tensile membrane structures, One can expect a lifetime of two to three decades from them. These coatings not only make the fabric structure strong, stable and tear resistant with a high degree of elasticity but also absorbs UV radiation, reflects heat away and maintain its color.

  • Recyclable Design: The tensile membrane structures are made with the fabrics which are recyclable. Hence these tensile structures feature a sustainable and recyclable design over conventional structures.

  • Low construction cost & less time consuming: The tensile structures are easy to set up & the total cost of covering the large space using fabrics and steel material is very low as well. The tensile membrane structures takes even less time to set up as well when compared to other traditional structures.

  • Removable: Often build with temporary solutions, the roofing membrane structures can be taken off easily and taken away to another place. This ‘Removable’ feature of membrane structure distinguishes it from conventional building

  • Low Transportation cost: The Tensile structures are lightweight so whenever we need to carry its components to another place, this can be done with a very low transportation cost.

  • Natural light: Created with transparent membranes, the tensile structures allows a plenty of natural light to flow in and creates an open air feeling. As these membranes can absorb the heat, the temperature under these structures also stay less.

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