Pre-Engineered Building – A Diverse Application

pre-engineered building

Pre Engineered Buildings:

The pre-engineered building is a steel structure build over a structural concept of primary members, secondary members, cover sheeting connected to each other. Pre-engineered buildings are ideal for residential, non residential and large span low rise structures. These members are custom designed to be lighter in weight and have a great strength. The pre-engineered steel building construction not only has great advantages to the single storey buildings, but also are the practical and efficient alternative to conventional buildings.

Why Brands are using Pre Engineered Buildings in diverse applications?

industrial shed

With the great design ability and smart engineering involved in Pre Engineered Buildings, Brands prefer to use Pre Engineered Buildings over other conventional structures. Followings are the other key characteristics of pre engineered buildings which encourage Brands toward Pre engineered buildings :-

  • Ideal for bolted or fabricated construction.

  • Easy expansion

  • Flexibility in building dimensions

  • Low maintenance

  • Long life cycle and durability

  • Tremendous flexibility in design

  • Quick Installation

  • Aesthetic appealing than conventional structures

What we offer:

As a leading pre-engineered manufacturer in India, Hindustan Alcox Limited provides the complete & unique Pre engineered buildings ensuring best quality control at every stage of its construction. The Company take pride to be one of the top PEB company in India by offering highly sophisticated Pre engineered buildings in the field of Industrial shed manufacturers.

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