Impacts on Environment by Coal Storage & Handling

coal storage shed design

Coal Storage:

Nowadays, Intermediate coal storage or lignite storage is common practice with indirect coal preparation systems. A constant feed from coal mines either to the coal mill or to the burners of a kiln system is a prerequisite for safer coal operations. The captive thermal power plants where coal is kept before burning also emit large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2), the “greenhouse gas” which are largely responsible for climate change. Depending on different factors like geology, demographics & climate, the public health and environmental effects caused by power plant may also vary from place to place. Followings are the major impacts on public & environment by coal storage & handling:

  • Respiratory Effects: Inhalation effect from coal storage & handling is the biggest concern, which causes breathing problems not only to the people at the site but also to people living nearby the coal-based power plants.
  • Impact on Water Bodies: At the coal-based thermal power plant, screening of coal is done to remove the impurities from the coal and the waste is placed in waste piles. If rain comes, rain percolates through these waste piles containing harmful soluble components and elevates Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in local water bodies. This runoff is also acidic and contains heavy metals. In this way, Coal storage harms land, surface waters, groundwater and even air.
  • Impact to the Land: Affect to the land from coal storage and handling cause drastic changes in the local area nearby by deteriorating land fertility and inculcating harmful chemicals. Damage to plants, animals and humans occurs from the destruction and removal of habitat & environmental contamination.
Coal Dome
Coal Storage Dome

Using coal storage sheds over open stockpiles will be very much beneficial in reducing the above mentioned impacts on public & environment by coal storage & handling. We at Hindustan Alcox Limited specializes in manufacturing coal storage sheds with long span steel structure having span of up to 150 m & height of up to 40 m. Along with these longitudinal sheds, we also built dome type structural storage sheds. These coal dome and lignite dome, engineered by Hindustan Alcox Limited is one of the best choices to cover stockpile for the purpose to benefit the environment.

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