Gypsum Storage Sheds:  In-Plant Handling & Service

Gypsum Storage:

Gypsum storage
Gypsum Storage

Gypsum is fine-grained calcium sulphate (CuSo4) material industrially used as binding agent and a prime consumer in the cement industry. Gypsum is produced from open-cast mines, or underground mines using pillar and stall mining methods. For cement manufacturing process, Gypsum is supplied in crushed form for further fine grinding with clinker.

The Gypsum Industry is consistently working towards its building value for society by offering creative, safe, recyclable & economic products for the homes. Moreover, the cement industry is using gypsum storage sheds in controlled composition as additives to improve cement’s inherit qualities, performance and efficiency.

FGD or Flue Gas De-sulphurization is another application of Gypsum storage in which the desulphurization process takes place when the flue gases are brought into contact with an aqueous suspension containing powdered limestone or quicklime. The SO2 is washed out by the water and oxidized to SO3 in the aqueous solution, and precipitated to get gypsum.

In-plant Handling of Gypsum storage:

Stockpiles of gypsum are very heavy and can become unstable if proper stacking and handling procedures are not followed. Special care must be taken while loading, securing shipments, warehousing, or handling gypsum. Heavy equipment are generally used to move, stack, load, stock, or handle gypsum storage. A large machine that is used in performing almost all in-plant handling operations, is Stacker or Reclaimer. The stacker is mainly used to produce efficient industrial outcome by avoiding problems like increase in moisture, caking, oxidation etc. In addition to stacker or reclaimer, Lift trucks are also used to move heavy stacks of gypsum.

Exposure of gypsum stockpiles to rain and other high moisture levels may result in water stains, discoloration, particle segregation & sag. To evade such problems, Hindustan Alcox Limited provides gypsum stockpile sheds with highest quality standards ensuring safety and reliability which ensures the safety of stored resources.

Services We Provide:

Hindustan Alcox Limited offer the gypsum storage solutions with economical and ecological aspects which will also comply with future demands. Along with Best possible safety standards in all functions, we provide storage solution with worldwide proven technology, reliability & quality. We provide –

  • Highest quality standards ensuring safety and reliability
  • Efficiency and profitability
  • Intra-plant quality assuring systems
  • Commissioning with highly qualified supervisors
  • Worldwide After-Sales Services


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