Convention Centre & Exhibition Hall – An Elegant Signage of Specialized Steel Structures

specialized steel structure

Specialized Steel Structure:

A well engineered structure made from an organized combination of structural steel members which are designed to carry loads and provide adequate rigidity is specialized steel structure. Being the landmarks to the achievements of the structural engineering industry, these structures shows an true affirmation of design standards & construction practices.

Today, the emergence of specialized steel structures is due to the persistence of some outstanding and demanding features, which other convention buildings cannot exhibit at all.

Convention Centre & Exhibition Hall:

Convention Centre and Exhibition Hall include the appropriate provision of civic facilities, plazas and green spaces with the provision of public promenades and links to open spaces and waterways. There is often a tendency for a repeated structural solution for simplicity. These structure are well constructed by space frame companies  keeping the following points in consideration:

  • Availability in both quality and quantity
  • Performance in unfavourable weather conditions
  • Vulnerable to vandalism
  • Require Minimum Maintenance

The above points can be manifested in several ways but structurally expressive solution is often one of these two structures i.e. Convention centre & Exhibition Hall.

Hindustan Alcox Limited, one of the leading steel structure manufacturers in India – provides a great opportunity to assess the role of specialized steel structures in the structural engineering profession. The company passion for excellence has helped to become a global leader in the industry of space frame and large span steel structure fabrication, design and installation.

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