Tensile Membrane Structures – Appealing Form of Membrane Structures

membrane structures

Tensile Membrane Structures:
Membrane structures are widely popular in architectural design and are increasing in their abundance within Buildings, Sports Arena etc. These structures carry loads by membrane forces, with zero or insignificant bending. When tensile and compressive membrane forces are permitted within these structures, then the structures will be called as TMS or Tensile membrane structures.

Tensile Membrane structures are the exciting method of construction followed as new trend. Tensile Membrane Structures are characterized by having a negligible mass relative to the applied load, which is determined through an optimization process. In natural climate conditions the speed of ageing of these ETFE structures and the differences of their tensile strength under radiant energy over the course of time is regarded as an indicator of weather resistance. Blending aesthetic appeal with modern technologies, these structures are not only visually exciting, but also environmentally good and economically competitive as well.

Factors responsible to make tensile membrane structures an appealing and beneficial membrane structures:

PTFE structures
Developments in material technology and the understanding of the structural behaviour TMS mean that it is now technically feasible to enclose very large spaces with a minimum of material. Followings are the factors that lead to a growth in the relevance of environmentally friendly architecture within which Tensile membrane structures have a useful role to play:

  1. Excellent Optical Effects: Optical properties of the roofing structure offers a means of creating spaces where daylight levels are accentuated or creating more protected shaded spaces and night artificial lightening magnifies its elegance and creates ambient exterior luminescence. The Tensile membrane structures offer such optical properties to exhibit in the day and night which reduces the cost of interior lightening.
  2. More Impressive Elegance: Tensile membrane structures can be easily manipulated into various types of shapes and are rich in color. Formation of Aesthetic night scenes with the coordination of light, gives membrane structures a competitive edge with today’s highly elegant modern buildings.
  3. Outstanding Durability: Stability & durability are basic mechanical properties that all building structures must satisfy. Ranging from a frigid arctic climate to hot & scorching weather, membranes such as PTFE fiberglass, ETFE film and PVC  proved to be an excellently durable and long lasting fabrics used in the manufacturing of membrane structures .
  4. Energy Conservation: High sun reflectivity and low absorption of sunlight by most of membrane structures, results in less energy used within a building and ultimately reducing electrical energy costs.

As a leading ETFE and PTFE manufacturer, Hindustan Alcox Limited specializes in creating customized membrane structures with sophisticated designed practices. The ETFE structures also includes tensile membrane structures, which require a prior understanding of shape and form, the behavior of the materials used and the forces acting on it.

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