Pre-Engineered Buildings – Durable Industrial Shed

pre-engineered building

Introduction to Pre-Engineered Buildings:

The word Pre or Prefab is related to prefabricated construction. Prefab is not an industrial term like modular homes, manufactured homes, penalized home, or site-built home. The term is a combination of penalized and modular building systems, which is well planned & designed before the initiation of construction and placement of structure as per detailed design at work site.

Pre engineered buildings are made of composite materials, which are manufactured by combination of materials comprising different properties such as plastics, concrete and steel. These structures are specifically designed for longer period of applications or usage. Pre Engineered Buildings (PEBs) are extremely durable, weather proof as well as termite proof. Due to their longer life of utility and affordable cost of construction, the Manufactured Pre engineered buildings can be used for permanent, semi permanent or temporary applications.

Key Facts about Pre engineered Buildings in Comparison with Conventional Buildings:

Followings are the facts and benefits come out globally due to mass emergence of Pre engineered buildings over conventional building structures in last few decades:

  • In pre-engineered buildings, self-supporting & ready-made components are used, so the need for formwork, shuttering & scaffolding is signficantly minimized.
  • Prefabrication site can be easily located and the costs of labor, power, materials, space and overheads are less. By using prefabrication technology, a better quality control can be achieved in a factory assembly line setting than at the construction site.
  • In case of prefabricated structures or buildings, the cost is analyzed at the stage of design itself & therefore chances of fluctuation of cost are very less. However, the overall construction cost of conventional structure depends upon time and market fluctuations.
  • PEB is energy efficient, quick and simple in design, because the components are designed on a specialized computer aided programs & then manufactured and reviewed by experienced engineering team with high precision.
  • Pre-engineered buildings are also “Smart Steel Buildings” since these are 100% customized, great design flexibility, resistant to moisture, adverse weather conditions, earthquakes, termites & fire.

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Hindustan Alcox Limited take pride to be one of the top PEB company in India by offering world-class Pre engineered buildings in the field of Industrial shed manufacturers. The company has not only served as Pre Engineered Buildings Manufacturer, but also presents the simplest, most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to construct such structures.


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