Versatile Design Approache in Airport Terminal Buildings


Airport terminal building

An airport is comprised of a number of strongly interacting services, where the terminal building is the major interface between an airfield and other areas of an airport. Continuous & rapid changes required in airport space frame structure management to incorporate technological advancements clearly justify new design approaches to allow for short to long-term flexibility in airport terminal development. Sometimes, the term aerodrome is used which refers to the surface that is used for takeoff or landing purpose. The airport is an aerodrome that is owned & licensed by the responsible government organization, but the difference is that there are usually no minimum standards for a basic aerodrome, but airport terminal building has to be maintained to higher safety standards.

The Design Approach:

As long span structure architecture, the main objective of an airport terminal design is to provide smooth and efficient passenger movement. The design process of an airport terminal building involves the determination of optimal capacities for different areas of airport terminal, the uncertainty of future demand and the costs of expansion. Airport terminal design approach entails an appropriate recognition of the relationship between all interdependent activities to ensure smooth flow of operations and a high level of passenger satisfaction. The traditional concept of airport design and planning is typically driven by keeping in mind the long-term point forecast and many other important factors. Once forecasts have been finalized, airport planners focus on different strategies for accommodating the predicted levels of activity. The forthcoming design strategies of an airport terminal building could be defined after considering the following crucial factors:

  • Forecasting traffic levels for peak hours
  • Specification of level of service standards
  • Flow analysis and determination of server and space

Hindustan Alcox Limited – Advantage:

Hindustan Alcox Limited engineers an ideal solution in designing & manufacturing airport terminal building with optimum space utilization & adequate space for future expansion. The added flexibility in the design approach by the company, not only enhances performance & upside opportunities of the design but also reduces downside consequences. Design flexibility does not necessarily provide the best design solution to fit all circumstances, but caters Longer and more efficient service life of a building

Hindustan Alcox Limited emerged as leading airport steel structure manufacturer in producing well-engineered and creative airport terminal buildings since 30 years. To sustain this growth & to adapt with today’s emerging trends, we are upgrading ourselves and imperatively working towards creating well engineered and complex structures. 

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