Structural Technology of Space Frame – Reason Behind Popular Landmarks

Space Frame Steel Structures

Space Structures:

The system of the space frame structure is a tetrahedron rigid structure constructed by interlocking struts in a specialized and well engineered three-dimensional geometric pattern. To utilize multi-directional and long span with a few supports, space frame structures or space structures are used, where flexing loads are transmitted as tension and compression loads along the length of each strut. These space frame structures are formed by assembling the pre-manufactured steel rods (linear elements) in such a way to uniformly distribute the overall load.

Features of a Space Structure are:

  • High spanning capability
  • Light In weight
  • High resale value
  • Greater safety factor
  • Free forms
  • Feasible 3-D Geometry
  • Pre-assembly permits project acceleration

space structure

The Reasons behind popular landmarks (made by space frame technology):

Freedom of geometry: The first step in any form of structural analysis is the determination of degree of geometrical freedom in the space frame. A number of popular examples of landmarks have been proved to illustrate the freedom of geometry in structural framework comprises of space frames.

Highly Aesthetic View: Space structure system stands out as a superior aesthetic and architectural end product & present an aesthetic view for both indoors and outdoors.
Accuracy in Installation: Another essential feature of using Space frames is that there is a high degree of accuracy in the process of designing, fabrication and installation of space frames.
Versatile Structure: Possessing a versatility in shape & form, Space frame structure not only utilize a standard module to generate various free-form shapes but also exhibits its adaptability in accordance with the future trends.
Since last few decades the company, Hindustan Alcox Limited emerged as largest space frame manufacturer in India. Hindustan Alcox Limited pays special attention towards adhering to the highest standards of quality & sustain this growth to adapt with today’s emerging trends. Besides this, we are upgrading our services & technology and imperatively working towards creating well engineered and complex structures.

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