Structural Optimization in Building Space Frame Structure

Space Frame Steel Structures

Space Frame Structure:

The space frame structure is generally build up in such a way that the structural elements are arranged in several directions forming triangular, quadrilateral, hexagonal or other polygonal patterns. The key role in Space frame construction is that main element of a space frame sturcture should be able to tolerate forces of non-structural elements and external loads. These curved space frame structures appear increasingly in the buildings nowadays because of the development in digital modelling.

Structural Optimization in building Space frame structure

Geometrical Topologies in Space frame structures are responsible for producing a large variation of space frame structures with different shapes. The research towards geometrical variation in space frame buildings design is divided into the structural geometry as well as the designing of the structural members, such as the beams, connection points, actuators etc. With an increasing order of complexity, the structural optimization tasks are generally considered to be:

  • Size optimization: Optimization of size (and shape) of cross-section for discrete structural members, such as beams and columns, or thickness of continuous material, such as panels or floor slabs. This is often referred to as size optimization.

  • Shape optimization: Varying the positioning of nodes or connections and definition of lines, curves and surfaces that describe structural form.

  • Topology optimization: Varying the configuration and connectivity of members or material.

Using Structural Optimization, many interesting projects have been designed and constructed by Hindustan Alcox Limited all over the world using a variety of configurations. As a leading Bolted Structure manufacturer in India, Hindustan Alcox Limited not only offers unrestricted freedom in locating supports and planning the subdivision of the covered space, but also our well-qualified, trained and experienced team consistenetly works to create optimum space structure with highest precision.


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