Specialized Steel Structures- Innovation in Structural Engineering

Specialized Steel Structures

Specialized Steel Structures are an outcome of extensive brain storming and robust engineering to form a product which is customized to match the functional and aesthetic requirement of the complete building system. The various types of steel structures are as follows:

  • Tension-Members steel structures
  • Compression-Members steel structures
  • Build-up Members steel structures
  • Suspension Members steel structures
  • Shell type steel structures
  • Truss like steel structures

All these types of steel structures are made up of Mild Steel or stainless steel based on the project requirement.

Features of Our Specialized Steel Structures

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Specialized steel structures offers following features:

  • Large Spans: Clear Spans up to 150 meter to enhance the concept of space in the building and provide maximum column free space.
  • Freedom Of Geometry: Even the most complex shapes are possible to be achieved with these specialized steel structures. These structures are often light weight and offer advantage when it comes to execution of the project as well.
  • Cladding: Various cladding options can be adopted as well such as ETFE cushions, Glazing, Aluminum Panels and so on. The structure provides a lightweight frame to support these systems.
  • Constructability: Specialized Steel Structure is fabricated in such a way to get bolted or welded easily with other steel structures in construction, showing constructability and versatility of specialized steel structures.


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