Space Frame Manufacturer in India: Experience Freedom of Design

arrel vault space frame

The past few decades have witnessed a growing interest in the use of space frame structures worldwide. These new structural forms help architects and engineers in accommodating large unobstructed areas and in speedy and economical construction. In a wide range of building types including auditoriums, sport arenas, stadiums, assembly halls, airport hangers and railway stations, exhibition pavilions etc., space frames are used due to their great structural potential and visual appeal.

Space Frame Manufacturer in India specializes in manufacturing and supplying premium quality space frame to various construction sectors. The manufactured space frames undergo rigorous quality standard testing before being released into the market and are hence extremely reliable. Space frames in India are manufactured using superior quality raw materials obtained from reliable space frame components manufacturer in India.


  • Lightness in weight
  • Huge spanning capability
  • Higher resale value
  • Enhanced aesthetic value
  • Increased Safety factor

The space frames can be used both in flat and curved surfaces with varied geometries. Rectangular grids, square grids and triangular grids are most commonly used space frame geometries. The advantages of using space frames include:

  • Lightness in weight is the most advantageous feature of a space frame which is especially useful in case of long span roofs.
  • The building cost of space frames is lower as they built in simple prefabricated units of standard size and shape and can be easily transported and assembled rapidly by even semi-skilled labor.
  • In spite of being light in weight, a space frame is sufficiently stiff. The three-dimensional property of the space frame and the full participation of the constituent elements give it the required rigidity.
  • Exceptional ability to resist heavily concentrated and unsymmetrical load.
  • Increased flexibility in layout and positioning of columns
  • They possess a versatility of shape. They can utilize a standard module to generate flat space grids, lattices, or even free form shapes.
  • The simplicity of lines in space frames is very impressive.

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