Important Facts About Dome Structures That Make Them So Popular

dome structures
There is no denying the fact that domes structures are amongst the strongest architectural forms to have been developed in the construction industry. The evidence of this truth can be seen in the form of countless historic and religious buildings across the globe that remain standing even today, centuries after their construction, thanks to their dome shaped structures.
In the recent times, the rising awareness about the various benefits of dome
shaped structures has lead to a significant rise in the demand for high quality
Listed below are some important facts about dome structures that have revived their demand in the modern construction industry. Domes are extremely efficient and cost
effective structures as they are lighter in weight as compared to other building styles. In addition they can be constructed with significantly lesser material and provide a
much longer life. Domes generally have a minimum of 30% lesser surface area than
structures designed in any other shape. This makes them highly energy
efficient as they require 30% less energy for heating and cooling. Given the inverted circular design of the dome shaped structures, the dissipation of energy is also carried out in a
highly efficient manner. This means that the various sections of such a structure can be rapidly
heated and cooled in an even manner.
The absence of any corners, angles and flat surfaces makes these
structures highly resistant to high pressure winds and
hurricanes. This is because the winds are able to pass smoothly over their circular shape
while creating minimal turbulence due to excessive air pressure.
Domes are known for having great acoustic qualities which is why they are considered a perfect roofing choice for public arenas, auditoriums and other such places where sound needs
to travel in a clear and unobstructed manner over large distances.
Most modern buildings having dome shaped structures use the Geodesic domes which are specially engineered for efficient utilization of space
besides making the construction highly economical. Domes offer the best structural integrity when compared to other styles of construction. This is perhaps why they have been in use since the
ancient times, when building stronger and long lasting structures was a
priority. The above features of the domes have become widely accepted in the modern
construction industry and have revived the trend of such structures. A modern dome manufacturer in India uses a combination these basic features and latest technology to create aesthetically appealing structures that offer the benefits of long life and economical construction.
Important Facts About Dome Structures That Make Them So Popular
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Important Facts About Dome Structures That Make Them So Popular
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