Role of Coal Gasification In Various Industries

coal gasification

Introduction to Coal Gasification / IGCC technology:

IGCC stands for “Integrated Gasification combined cycle”. The preliminary conversion into a gaseous fuel originated is named as SynGas / Synthesis Gas. Synthetic gas is an intermediate source for generation of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, & other synthetic hydrocarbon fuels. For electricity generation, synthetic gas is not only used as fuel of internal combustion engines due to its combustible nature, but also plays an important role in keeping the plant eco- friendly.

During Coal storage at a large scale, for harnessing coal’s energy more cleanly and efficiently, a number of different ways attempted in order to motivate environmental concerns. Among them, the technology comes out to be most successful is ‘coal gasification’, where instead of burning the fossil fuel, it is chemically transformed into synthetic natural gas or syngas.

What is the Need:

Till now, the main objective of Conventional Thermal Power Plant was to increase the efficiency by means of increased temperature and pressure in the steam, which in turn generate an efficient power outcome. But today theneed is to get more efficient power production along with keeping the outside eco friendly. With the technical advancement in working methodology, the upgraded thermal power plants are now capable to generate power using Coal Gasifiers in purpose to increase efficiency of the plant.

Advantages of using the Coal Gasifiers:

  • Clean Energy Conversion:From an economic and energy security perspective, coal gasification is proved the most successful process to dealt with clean energy conversion, since instead of opening the intermediate poisonous gases up to exploitation, coal gasification helps to access these resources cleanly.
  • Environment Friendly:Addressing the atmospheric problems resulting from burning coal and getting least affected by these poisonous gases is one of the top priority objectives of coal gasification. This Enviironment friendly feature of coal gasification is also thekey to achieve near-zero emissions from gasification-based power generation.
  • Enhanced Power Generation& Reduced Resource Consumption:In coal based thermal power plants, synthetic gas collected during the coal gasification is used as fuel of internal combustion engines due to its combustible nature, which in turn not only participate in enhancing power generation but also reduces the resource consumption.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Coal Gasifiers, whichare the main source to carry out coal gasification are installed in conjunction with coal bunkers. As far as their fixing and maintenance is concerned, these are very simple to install and to maintain for the long term.

To supplement the eco friendly nature of the energy, Hindustan Alcox Limited provides world-class structures to cover spans up to 150m and any length. These sheds provide economical solution for such storage needs.

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