Maintenance of Petcoke Storage in Captive Thermal Power Plant

Coal Storage

Storage of Petcoke­: 

Coke is a fuel made from coal with high carbon content and few other impurities. Petcoke (or Petroleum Coke) is fuel derived from its oil refining. The captive thermal power plants exploit chemical energy of the petcoke and convert it into into electrical energy. That is why maximum requirement of fuel in thermal power plants is of coal. The petcoke storage at a large scale is needed to deliver in the storage yard through transportation. The modes of coal transportation include railroad, pipeline, barge, truck, and conveyor for domestic movement, plus ship movement for overseas. Then the petcoke is dropped in a coal yard and usually stored in stockpiles. The Petcoke Storage plant in a thermal power station covers unloading, its crushing, storage and filling of boiler bunkers.

Risks to Petcoke/Coal Storage & their Proper Handling in Thermal Power Plant:

Global warming and other environmental factors such as oxidation at low temperature, microbial metabolism, absorption & desorption of water by virtue of differences between real and equilibrium moisture content in coal and air causes some risks to coal storage. These risks include ‘self oxidation of coal’, ‘increase in moisture content’, ‘spontaneous combustion’, ‘flow blockage’ etc.

In a Captive thermal power plant, the foremost and effective process to avoid the risks to coal storage in the power generation is “Coal Handling”. Coal handling includes bunkering of coal, stacking & reclaiming of coal. Giant Stackers may be used to form two different patterns- ‘cone’, ‘chevron’ either on one or both sides of stacker.  Stacking and reclaiming of coal is not only limited to avoid risks (such as spontaneous combustion,  self oxidation, caking problem) to coal stockpiles but it must be carried out in such a way to keep coal effective to feed the boiler and in turn optimized power generation.

petcoke dome

Maintenance of Petcoke/Coal Stockpiles for Productive Outcome Power:

Besides the proper storage and handling of coal up to a remarkable extent, the maintenance of coal stockpiles for long term use play an crucial role by resulting an optimized power production.  Maintenance of coal stockpiles for Productive Outcome Power can be upheld by considering the following points:

  • Coal dome or Petcoke dome should be constructed in such a way to prevail cross ventilation at every corner inside it which, can be done to prevent heat accumulation as well as to maintain the quality of stockpiles for a long term. Besides, Coal dome provide best protection against moisture and rainy weather since coal is vulnerable to moisture.
  • Monitoring height and orientation of stockpiles: Routine surveying of stockpiles in term of their heights and orientation should be done using infrared devices and/or sensors where spontaneous combustion is more likely to occur. Storing coal in form of many smaller stockpiles is a great idea.
  • Autonomous Stacking & Reclaiming: The coal can be stacked and reclaimed by various methods like (windrow, chevron, cone-shell etc) in order to provide an adequate treatment to the material as well as the long-term maintenance of coal stockpiles for efficient power outcome.
  • Coal Quality Management: The system of coal quality management is equally important while maintenance of coal stockpiles is our priority. To examine coal quality, the parameters like (calorific value, density, ash content, moisture content) are the prime.
  • Material Tracking: The enhanced degree of efficiency of modern coal power plants calls for an integrated coal material tracking system in order to secure the coal supply in the requested quantity and quality. For an efficient material handling system, the Coal should be traceable anywhere, even in a surge bin, on a belt or on the stockpile.

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