Membrane Structures: Factors Affecting their Performance

membrane structures

Membrane Structures:

With the ability to span large distances in a structurally efficient way, the structures that offer a lot of interesting design combinations & possibilities are membrane structures. Developments in material technology and the understanding of the structural behavior of membrane show that these structures are now technically feasible to enclose very large spaces with a minimum of material. These are the only structures that satisfy both attractive architects’ design as well as structural design. Membrane structures are not only visually exciting, but also environmentally good and economically competitive as well.

Among fabric structures, tensile membrane structures as a component of modern architecture is accepted increasingly all over the world. These ETFE Structures are featured by having a rather small mass with respect to the applied load. Before building tensile membrane structures, the effect of changing the shape and materials is analysed in different ways, with the assistance of some specialized software. Followings are the key features of a tensile membrane structures:

  • Durable (long life)
  • Highly aesthetics
  • Light in weight
  • Flame Resistant & UV Resistance
  • Covers large span without support
  • Ease in fabrication
  • Fast installation
  • Ease in maintenance
  • 100% recyclable with minimal cost

Factors Affecting Performance of Membrane Structures:

tensile membrane structures

In different parts of the world, Observation of membrane structures in different situations and conditions shows variation in the sustainability of the structures & has a very significant effect on their performance. Some of the Key factors influencing the performance of membrane structures are as follows:

  • Geographic latitude & the temperature
  • UV radiation level reaching the membrane
  • Humidity level in atmosphere
  • Pollution level (the type of pollutants)
  • Dust level in atmosphere nearby
  • Frequency of cleaning operations
  • Deposition of matters (leaves, etc.) onto the fabric
  • Staining resulting from rainwater run-off, over other building materials
  • Exposure to direct rainfall
  • Assistance in dirt and dust removal

The expertise of company “Hindustan Alcox Limited” in Membrane Structure design & its execution capabilities reflect in the many Stadiums and many other creative structures executed throughout the country. The Membrane structures engineered by the company are not only designed to undergo very large displacements, but also remain operational & extendable. As a leading membrane structures manufacturer, Hindustan Alcox Limited specializes in creating customized membrane structures with sophisticated designed practices. The fabric structures also includes tensile membrane structures, which require a prior understanding of shape and form, the behavior of the materials used and the forces acting on it.


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