Key Characteristics of an Airport Terminal Building

Airport Terminal Building

Airport Terminal Building:

In order to provide safe, efficient, and comfortable transfer of passengers and their baggage to and from aircraft and various modes of ground transportation, Airport Terminal Building play a key role in addressing and accomplishing all aircraft operations successfully. The main motive of Airport terminal building is to provide facilities and services to many organizations, which are involved in air transportation. In recent years, the competition in the airline industry has made air‐travel accessible to a significant portion of the world’s population. This growth in passenger traffic, and the projected growth over the next two decades, has created a need to develop new approaches to terminal design.

Main Characteristics of Airport Terminal Buildings:

Airport terminal building

Characteristics of an Airport Architecture vary from airport to airport, which not only influences the planning, size and design of passenger terminal facilities in different ways but also exhibits important role in enhancing building efficiency. Followings are the main characteristics of a well-engineered airport terminal building:

  • Technology: The latest technology makes it very easier to access the certain facilities like proper space utilization, online ticketing and boarding interfaces at Airport Terminal Building. This will not only ease passenger journey, but also keep the airport terminal building free from rush or queues.
  • Smart Terminal Design: Some Airport Terminals have right amount of floor space, but even then they need expansion since the space is improperly allocated. By smart terminal designing, a balancing of internal floor space can provide a big relief at a cost inferior to its expansion.
  • Smart Operational Procedure: An airport terminal building exhibiting smart operational procedure plays crucial role in developing an efficient workflow. Placement for Ticketing, boarding, security check and many other operations should be arranged in a streamlined way to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Time Sensitivity: Time sensitivity of an airport terminal building inversely depends upon the time taken for accomplishment of each operation activity associated with it. The time sensitivity of an airport terminal building should be high for the larger footprints of passengers.
  • Efficiency: To maximize the returns on the passengers footprint invested, the efficiency of airport terminal building should be higher in terms of operations, energy, building structure and more.
  • Proficiency: In case of Airports, the principle of proficiency states that the future design of terminal building should be not only optimized for efficient overall processing but also adaptable to any future changes in it.

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