Coal Storage Domes Integrated with Coal Gasification

coal storage domes

Coal Storage:

For a fruitful outcome of thermal Power Plants, the business of industrial coal storage domes for large quantities is on top priority for maintaining the product Integrity. Open stockpiles leave materials subject to degradation during storage. In addition, there are environmental concerns with controlling dust and runoff from these coal stockpiles.

Coal Storage Domes integrated with Coal Gasification

petcoke storage

Conversion of coal by the chemical processes to produce a mixture of combustible gas or fuel gas or syngas is termed coal gasification. Coal Gasifiers generally entails the controlled oxidation of the coal to convert it into desired gaseous products. The emphasis of coal gasification is to meet stringent emission control requirements.

Bulk storage dome structures are highly durable and strong. If we talk about strength and average building life of dome structures, then their life is longer and strength is more than any other type of stacker reclaimer sheds in Space frame industry. Coal storage domes with coal gasification has its own advantages. These include:

  • Simple foundation requirements.

  • Rapid construction regardless of weather.

  • Condensation is virtually eliminated.

  • Better environmental and fugitive dust control.

  • Environment Friendly.

Dome Structural system provides a unique solution to the bulk storage industry. Remained committed towards sustainability and improving the local economies, the coal dome manufactured by Hindustan Alcox Limited are strong, durable, environmentally sound and adaptable. Over Last 28 Years, Our capabilities as a “prime industrial shed manufacturer” include building the Bulk storage dome shell for providing turnkey solutions all over the world.

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