Prevention Measures for Sustainable Efficiency for Sulphur Storage

Gypsum Storage

Additive storage:

The prime use of additive is to enhance the properties of mortar that has taken place for many centuries. In big cement plants, Additive storage (like Sulphur, Phosphorus etc) in bulk is carried out and added to subject material to improve its inherit properties, performance, efficiency and reduce cost.

Sulphur Storage:

sulphur storage

For Industrial Purpose, Large quantities of sulphur are stored, transported, handled, melted and comsumed annually. Sulphur storage can be done in many forms which vary in their friability and mechanical strength. If required, the Sulphur is then crushed from larger pieces, producing smaller particles and dust.

Best preventive measures for sustenance of energy efficiency for sulphur storage:

Energy Efficiency plays a significant role in meeting the challenges by improving the operating capabilities and also augment the performance of existing transmission and distribution materials. Preventive measures which can be realized at best for sustaining overall energy efficiency are as follows:

  • Implementation of an energy efficiency management system

  • Benchmarking

  • Energy efficient design (EED)

  • Process integration

  • Expertise and know-how gains on energy efficiency

  • Effective control, maintenance and monitoring of installations

Sulphur storage shed, engineered by Hindustan Alcox Limited is a practically feasible and turnkey solution to cover stockpile for the most challenging environment. In addition to barrel vault structure, Sulphur Dome is also an appropriate choice for storing additives and covers large span to facilitate the storage of various other additives under same shed. Hindustan Alcox Limited has expertise in customizing the Sulphur Stockpile Shed after practically emphasizing the durability, strength and technical feasibility of structure with optimum space utilization.

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