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The space frame, as the name implies, is a three dimensional structure which caters to the need of column free spatial area. Space frame provides the required covering structure while enhancing the aesthetics. It refers to a spatial structure whose members are connected rigidly to each other so that they transfer moment and shear in addition to axial forces. In comparison, space trusses are bolted and as a result, their members act in tension or compression and do not transfer moment or shear.

In the past few decades, the increase of space frame was mainly due to its high structural potential and visual beauty. New and imaginative applications of space frame structures are being demonstrated in the complete range of building types. Some of the applications of space frame are

  • Sports Building:

    One of the widest field or application for space frame is in sports building. The space frame is always chosen as the structural system for those important sports events. It allows a versatile and column free design which allows the architects to experiment more with the available space.

  • Public Buildings:

    Another field of application for space frame is in public buildings, such as auditoriums, exhibition halls, terminals for railway, docks and airports, lobbies for tall buildings etc. Due to high strength of the space frame, false ceiling, HVAC and other heavy loads can be suspended from the space frame. Moreover, space frame can be designed to damp the effect of frequent vibrations which makes it an ideal choice for such buildings.

  • Airplane Hangars:

    In recent years, the emergence of large wing span airplanes and the needs of greater operational efficiency have created a demand for ever increasing of hangar spans. Due to its lightweight and stiffness quality, space frame is considered as the best material for construction of aircraft hangars as they are large in size.

Space frames are not only been used on long-span roofs, but also on mid span enclosures such as roofs, floors and exterior walls. Many interesting projects have been designed and constructed all over the world using a variety of configurations.

Over last 3 decades, Hindustan Alcox Limited is the leading space frame manufacturer in India. We offer complete solutions right from the design to the erection phase to ensure creation of structures that are not only compatible with client needs but also offer the assurance of long life and great functionality.

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