Recommeded Material Characteristics for an Ideal Membrane Structure

membrane structures

Membrane Structures:

The light-weight and free-formed structure that are evolved utilizing the inherent structural characteristics of the membrane to span a long distance with the usage of minimum material (such as steel cables, columns, membrane) in their construction is Membrane Structure.

Among all types of Membrane structures, Tensile Structures have a unique significance as compared to any other membrane structure. The different fabrication methods of membrane structures play a significant role in the ability to extend and bend. In their free flowing shape and design, these structures not only enable engineers for realizing materials to their fullest potential but also amaze architects & clients, while viewing.

Material Characteristics for an Ideal Membrane Structure:

tensile membrane structures

For a successful tensioned fabric structure, the material properties play key role & extensively responsible to cater the benefits of the membrane material. The selection of membrane material is important to the successful design of the tensioned fabric structure.

Besides their increasing popularity in architectural design & abundance within buildings, the main concern is to recognize the material characteristics for membrane structure, which can be the ideal not only for the durable and maintenance purpose but also to sustain their elegance for the long time. The material characteristics are:-

  • Mechanical properties

  • Light transmission

  • Resistance to UV radiation

  • Fire resistance

  • Fabric Types

  • Seam strength

  • Weather Proof

  • Stain resistance

  • Adaptable to Temperature

As a leading ETFE and PTFE manufacturers, Hindustan Alcox Limited specializes in creating elegant membrane structures with sophisticated design practices. Our fabric architecture also includes tensile membrane structures, which require a prior understanding of shape and form, the behavior of the materials used and the forces acting on it.

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