Future Scope of Large Span/ Specialized Steel Structures

Specialized Steel Structures are landmarks & testimonials to the achievements of the structural engineering industry. These space structures are not only true three-dimensional representations of the equilibrium equations but also an affirmation of design standards & construction practices.

Specialized steel structures

Present Value of Specialized Steel Structures:

Steel is the world’s most versatile material to recycle. Once recycled, steel can be hop from one product to another without losing its intrinsic quality. The steel structures are manufactured to carry or resist the loads that are applied to it. Whereas concrete structures under accidental overload may well suffer catastrophic collapse of the whole structure. Today, the emergence of specialized steel structures is the persistence of some outstanding and demanding features (like high strength, seismic endurance, fast erection, aesthetic) which other conventional buildings cannot fulfill.

space frame manufacturer in india

These Long span steel structures that resist loads by bending may be categorized using span-to-depth ratio. As one of the well-engineered structures, made from organized combination of structural steel members designed to carry loads and provide adequate rigidity, these structures are today widely applied mainly for sport buildings as:

  • Stadiums
  • Sport halls
  • Olympic swimming pools
  • Ice tracks and skating rinks
  • Indoor athletics & other creatures

Future Scope of Specialized Steel Structures:

Future of the large span steel structures lies in the passion, setting up new goals and innovation in computerized designing procedures. The space frame companies will continue to develop steel structures with the extensive use of computers in both manufacturing and design phases. Computer aided manufacturing allows the cutting and drilling of elements with great precision, while computer aided design can help explore unprecedented complex configurations and geometries.

Hindustan Alcox Limited, one of the leading Heavy Structures Manufacturers in India – provides a great opportunity to assess the role of specialized steel structures in the structural engineering profession. The company passion for excellence has helped us to become a global leader in the industry of space frame and large span steel structure fabrication, design and installation.

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