Challenges & Our Solutions- Coal Storage Sheds

Practical Challenges Faced in Dealing Coal Storage

coal storage

‘Meeting the customer demands’, ‘Production in mild climatic condition and market it in winter season’, ‘Feed the thermal power stations continuously’ are some of the key reasons for coal storage sheds. Followings are the Challenges to be faced practically in dealing with Bulk Storage:

  1. Spontaneous Combustion Problem / Self-ignition: The property of self-heating of coal due to auto oxidation results into its ignition and may sometimes causes loss to property as well as lives.
  2. Rainfall (Moisture) Problem: Keeping Intrusion of rainfall away from entering the Coal storage system is very tough task. It will not only increase moisture and reduces the inherit qualities of coal, but also all efforts may go in vain, in case of heavy rainfall.
  3. Affecting Labor Health from Air pollution: Gaseous Pollutants like So2, Nox, Vocs  etc emitted from stack emissions will not only pollute air quality around coal storage plant, but also cause breathing problems in labor while dealing coal storage.
  4. Quality Loss due to Wind Erosion: Loss of Quality Coal due to wind erosion largely depends upon the weather conditions and location of stockpile. Like In port areas, wind erosion is more and quality loss will be more.
  5. Risk of Life due to Explosion: Sometimes Spontaneous combustion of coal is so intense that chaining of such combustion may also cause heavy Explosion, which will be dangerous for people working under coal storage sheds
  6. Co-Firing while Fusing Biomass Fuels with Coal: Mixing of biomass with coal is done to reduce Green house gas emissions. The Co-firing incident mostly occurs on mixing biomass with the coal before the burners

We at Hindustan Alcox Limited provide practical solutions to these above challenges, in most efficient and cost reducing ways.

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